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Capital Credits

What are capital credits?
      When the Cooperative makes a profit, we return a portion of that profit (margins) to the members in the form of capital credits and retain enough capital to operate throughout the year. These credits are added to each consumers escrow file once a year, usually in March.

What are the capital credits based on? 
     The total amount of electricity used by each consumer.

Who qualifies for a refund?
     Any past/present member that has a total of $5.00 or more in their escrow account.

Will the Cooperative do a general retirement refund every year?
     Only if the Cooperative is financially able. The Board of Directors reviews the finances year by year to determine the dollar amount the Cooperative can refund and still operate effectively.

How do I go about getting my check? 
     Checks are printed in May, in time for the Cooperative's Annual Meeting. Any member may pick up their check at the Annual Meeting held on the first Saturday of June each year, otherwise the checks are mailed the following week.

What if my check is not cashed? 
     Any checks not cashed, for whatever reason (i.e. returned to the Cooperative due to incorrect address, lost the check, etc.) are transferred to unclaimed usually in September of each year. You may contact the Cooperative during regular business hours.  After two (2) years a listing is published in the Rural Missouri--usually in the August and September issue. If your name appears you have 60 days to claim the amount. Once claimed, the check(s) are reissued, otherwise the amounts unclaimed are reallocated to the present membership.

What if my name is not in the Rural Missouri listing but I know someone who is?
     If you know the whereabouts of anyone on the list, please advise that person to call the Cooperative during regular business hours. If funds are not claimed within 60 days from the date of the notice, funds will be reallocated to the present membership.

What if I did not receive a refund from my account at the time of disconnect? 
     Final bill credit checks & memberships/deposit refund checks returned to BREC are also published in the Rural Missouri to be claimed within 60 days. If not claimed, these amounts are also reallocated to the present membership.

Why should I contact the Cooperative when I move if I am no longer on Black River Electric's lines? 
     You may have capital credits in the escrow account that will be issued to you through the general refund. If we do not have your current address on file, the check will be returned to the Cooperative. If it is not claimed after the two (2) year period through Unclaimed, you forfeit the funds.

What if I still have questions concerning capital credits?
     Please contact the Cooperative during regular business hours at (573)783-3381 OR toll free 1-800-392-4711 (Missouri only).

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